Want to work at Civil House?

We're excited to help grow the coffee culture in this lovely city of Kalamazoo.

A big part of how we do that is by finding the right people to join the CH team. While having a deep knowledge of the coffee industry and processes will certainly not hurt your chances (duh), it's not necessarily a requirement.

So if a knowledge of coffee isn't required, what is?

Well we're glad you asked. :)

  • A love for people - Do you like people? We hope so, cause we'd love to connect with all the other wonderful humans in the world (including you!)
  • A desire to grow - Do you like to dive into learning new things? Do you like to share your findings with others?
  • Humility - We're all people, we've got strengths and we've got flaws. Confidence & humility for us is a winning combo.
  • Personal accountability - Do you take ownership of the work you're doing?

Here's what we offer: 

  • An opportunity to grow your coffee and communication skills
  • An opportunity to connect with many wonderful humans in Kalamazoo and the Rhino fam. 
  • An opportunity to develop your leadership skills and interact with people who care for you as a human. 
  • Literally nothing else.. oh, and money. 

If that sounds like it could be you, please apply!

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