Civil House Blog


Meet Zach

When he’s not at Civil House, he’s traveling all over the world and flying planes. Casual.


Meet Minda

The queen of the iced americano. She moved to Kalamazoo in 2017 from D.C. and is currently kickin butt and takin names at @kelloggfoundation. When she moved, she didn’t know anyone and had never even been to Michigan before (talk about brave). So she started making herself a regular at local places.

Meet Isaac

You’ll catch a glimpse of him in the shop pretty much every day first thing in the morning and it’s safe to say he gets the free cup of coffee most days. He likes to participate in dangerous and challenging activities and recently ran the Grand Island trail marathon. Isaac’s order: an americano and a tasty pour over.

Meet George

One of our fave regulars. He’s heading back to his home in Hillsdale today for a short time and we’re gonna miss his kind face in the shop until he gets back. George’s order: black coffee with a generous amount of simple syrup.