The Baristas

This crew will serve you a top notch cup of coffee... or tea, whatever you fancy.


20170216 Civil House Content Day-95.jpg


Director of Coffee and all around cool guy. Recently picked up a Yamaha xs650.

Megan Audrey-1.jpg


She gives the best greetings and makes a killer cortado! She also has a crazy knowledge of natural health.

20180312 CH Content-7-2.jpg


Latte art champ, incredible singer, and professional at giving Mack a hard time… because that’s what a baby sis for. ;)

Baristar Portraits-5.jpg


In the summer you’ll see Nick riding his Honda CM400 to work. (Mack, Nick & Audrey will geek out over bikes when you need it.)

CH Portraits-8.jpg


Wanna talk theater? Allison’s your gal. Want a great cup of coffee? Again, she’s your gal.