Want to work at Civil House?

We're excited to help grow the coffee culture in Kalamazoo, part of the way we do that is by finding the right people to bring onboard! So while having a deep knowledge of the coffee industry and processes will certainly not hurt your chances (duh), it's not necessarily a requirement.

So if a knowledge of coffee isn't required, what is? Well we're glad you ask.

  • A desire to grow - Do you like to dive into learning new things? Do you like to share your findings with others?
  • A PEOPLE PERSON - Do you like people? We hope so, cause we'd love to connect with all the other wonderful humans in the world (including you!)
  • Humility - We're all people, we've got strengths and flaws. Confidence & humility for us is a winning combo!
  • Personal accountability - Do you like to take ownership of the work you're doing? Your success and failures.

If that sounds like it could be you, please shoot us an email and let us know why you want to work with us!