How did Civil House come to be?

Civil House was born out of the brains of Rhino, where there is a huge love of community, conversation and, of course, coffee. When the idea of starting a coffee shop was brought up in late 2016, it was met with all around excitement. We began researching, attending events and finding the right person to partner with.

A few of the Rhino's had previously known Mack Chrisman, and when we heard he was moving back to Kalamazoo we knew he'd be the perfect fit. With the passion and know how of what it takes to pull out the best flavors out of quality product, he carefully selected some of the most respected coffee roasters in the industry to partner with.

Civil house is now a reality and we are ecstatic to have the opportunity to connect with Kalamazoo and serve up some of finest beverages.


What's the shop like?

We focus on quality and education, and are thrilled to have our friends at Proud Mary as our roaster of choice. From the bean supplier, to water filtration, to the pour. We want to make the most out of your coffee experience.

We believe that the sharing of knowledge is empowering and our desire is both an educational experience for those who want it, and a quick and simple solution for those who need a quick cup and a bite to eat.