Art Hop at Rhino & Quick Update.


Exciting things happened this month! We installed a handle on the front door of Civil House, our refrigerator arrives, daily packages filled with glassware and aprons arrived in the mail and we were at Rhino for Art Hop! (For those of you just tuning in, Civil House is being opened by Rhino.)

So a huge thank you to everyone who came out. We are so thankful for all of you following along, telling us of your excitement and encouraging us as we eagerly plug away at our to-do lists. Things are going from plans on paper to physical steps towards the opening and we can't wait. 

20170908 Art hop-1.jpg
20170908 Art hop-4.jpg
20170908 Art hop-36.jpg
20170908 Art hop-9.jpg
20170908 Art hop-20.jpg
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