How'd Civil House come to be?

Civil House was born out of the office of Rhino, where there is a huge love of community, conversation and, of course, coffee. When the idea of starting a coffee shop was brought up in late 2016, it was met with all around excitement. We began researching, attending events and finding the right person to partner with.

We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to connect with Kalamazoo and serve up some fine beverages. 


All about the vibes

On the corner of Kalamazoo and Rose, Civil House is the perfect place to stop in for the fine cup of coffee, warm environment and community. We're all about connection and teaching people who want to learn more about the craft of coffee making.


All about education

We believe that the sharing of knowledge is as empowering for the giver, as it is for the receiver. Of course that can be frustrating when your next in line. It is this understanding that leads us to desire both an educational experience for those who want it, and a quick and simple solution for those who need a quick cup and a bite to eat.


Stay tuned for more information.